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An Honest Woman’s Review About Idol Lash Should You Buy Idol Lash?

Hey there, it’s Lva talking. On this website I want to give you my honest opinion and a review on Idol Lash, which is a product to enhance your eylashes. I’m not going to tell you my whole story here, but I am going to tell you why i am so happy with it.

Just let me tell you that I was, until a few months ago, really unhappy with my eyelashes, I really suffered from it.Some people probably cannot imagine how I could suffer that much from something like tiny eyelashes, but i did, even my friends had problems to understand me, but my eyelashes were so tiny and thin that I had to wear fake eyelashes or mascara all the time. In my opinion, and I believe in the opinion of a lot of women, the eyes of a woman belong to the most important parts of a woman’s body and are responsible for a whole lot of attractiveness.

Before I used Idol Lash I could not go out without mascara or fake eyelashes, since I wouldn’t feel like a real woman amongst all those pretty woman with their even prettier eyes (in my opinion at least). I hope you understand me and my problem and if you’re feeling the same way then this page about Idol Lash definitely for you. So what does Idol Lash do? For those of you, who don’t know Idol Lash yet: Idol Lash is an eyelash enhancer who claims to make your eyelashes longer, thicker, darker and Fuller in just 28 days. I can totally agree that my eyelashes became longer, thicker, darker, and fuller *now*, but it took me more like 1 and a half to 2 months in order to get the results I wanted.

I still think this is completely okay, if I look at pictures with my incredibly thin and tiny eyelashes i had before. Another Point which is probably not just important for me, is the the fact that Idol Lash is clinically proven to work and whats way more important, to be safe. You can go and check out the official homepage if you want to. I assume this has to do with just using natural ingredients. If you want to read more about the side effects, then you should check out my other post . So let me get this straight here. Idol Lash is *not *make up, it does not cover something you don’t like, but it *corrects* the problem. It will make you lashes grow bigger and thicker. You will not need any make up or even false lashes anymore. /Ever/! In case you use it regularly.

So what are other people saying about Idol Lash?

At first I didn’t really want to believe all this, because I was so unhappy with my eyelashes and I tried so many things before, so that I didn’t want to get disappointed again. Then I was starting to ask other people about their experience and saw my friends using Idol Lash as well. When I saw the results they achieved, there was no way for me not to buy Idol lash.

I went to the official website and informed myself about all the important stuff. Now that you maybe don’t have people around you using Idol Lash already I asked some people, most of them are my friends, if they can tell a little bit more about their experiences and give you some reviews about Idol Lash as well. Hope that helps you a little bit. People tell me that I am a little naive sometimes, because I buy all those stuff the day I find out about it.

  • This time at least ( 😛 ) I could prove them wrong, since it worked perfectly for me! All my friends are coming up to me now and want to know where to get Idol Lash. Well, to be honest I was really skeptical at first and after I used it for two weeks and my eyes became itchy, I thought I was completely right. Then I realized that it was just because of the pollen in the air and I decided to give it a try for two weeks more, since I was already half way through. After the promised two weeks I was extremely happy that I did it, since my eyes look so much better now. I am really amazed about the outcome with the Idol Lash.
  • – Heather, L.At first I saw one of my friends using the Idol Lash and they gave her some pretty amazing results. Personally I didn’t think I would need it, because I am not really unhappy with my eyelashes. When my friends convinced me to try it out at least and I’ve got this overwhelming eyelashes after 3 weeks already, I was just so happy. Thank you Idol Lash.
  •  – Laura, O. I hope you see that I am not the only person thinking that way and you realize that you can get those great results as well, sometimes in even less than 3 weeks. Another reason why I love the Idol Lash so much. Isn’t Idol Lash expensive? That’s what I thought as well, I mean I did not think it is really expensive, but neither is it cheap. However, after using it for quite some time now, I realized some things, which make it cheaper in my eyes.¨I cannot lose any fake eyelashes anymore or they brake one way or the other, so I have to buy new ones, since thanks to Idol Lash those are my real eye lashes. The other thing is that I don’t worry anymore about stuff like going swimming with mascara or anything similar, since same thing here water is not causing the mascara to smear anymore. Maybe one last surprise more you might like, Idol Lash is also able to pretty your eyebrow, which is normally done by a separate product, like this one here . I used it myself as well and I could shape my eyebrows in ways I have never done before.

Why should I buy Idol Lash?

What’s the catch? I don’t want you to give this review a negative turn, nevertheless I don’t want to keep the small size of the Idol Lash back from you.In comparison to other mascaras it is quite small and it will probably only last for a month. That is the truth. After this time you probably need to buy a new one. You just need to know this in advance. After about 2 and a half months of not using Idol lash, I noticed my eye lashes to slowly return to my original size. Since I was so happy with the results, I pulled myself together and bought another Idol Lash. In my opinion the results are even better and I feel like a star with these eye lashes.

Like I said before the Idol Lash is not overly expensive and I can afford it without going bankrupt.¨One more cool thing is the fact, that the makers of Idol Lash are offering a free pack risk free trial, so you have nothing to lose, am I right? So go and give it a try ! All in all, to give you a conclusion and an answer to the question: ˜Should I buy an Idol Lash or not?

After you read this review about the Idol Lash you probably know my opinion already. 😉 If you need more reviews and details check here: http://idollash-reviews.net/. If you want to have bigger, thicker, darker and fuller eye lashes, then YES! If you want to keep them over time, then YES! If you can afford to pay a little more than usual, but get way better results in a shorter period of time, then YES! It gave me more confidence and a lot more happiness in my life.